Getting ready for Fall 2013!

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Dear AUS members,

Can you believe that Frosh of the Living Dead is happening next week, and that in less than two weeks we will all be sitting in lecture halls? With the Fall 2013 semester starting soon, I would like to make a few preliminary announcements.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Two two main committees that I chair are the Financial Management Committee (FMC) and the Audit Committee. The FMC reviews and approves budgets and funding applications, as well as the AUS monthly bank and cash flow statements. The Audit Committee conducts an internal audit on all of the AUS Departmental bank accounts to make sure that the record keeping meets the standards of our external auditors at year end.

Although I will start recruiting formally at the beginning of the semester, start thinking about getting involved in these committees if they interest you. Both provide insight into how the AUS operates, as well as useful experience in budget review and financial management.

SECOND OF ALL, keep your eyes peeled for information about funding for departmental associations and on-campus clubs. The FMC reviews applications for the Journal Fund, Supplementary Fund (AUS departments only), and the Special Projects Fund (any group on campus). Although the FMC will not be reviewing applications until October, note that the forms are online, and start thinking about these funding opportunities.

FINALLY, I will soon post links to download Cheque Requisition Forms and Invoice Requisition Forms. AUS members use these forms to obtain reimbursement for expenses they pay out of pocket on behalf of their departmental association.

Note that more formal and detailed information will be posted about all these points towards the start of the semester.


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