Google Play Newsstand: yet another way to read AUS news on Android

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Google has recently released an update to Newsstand, a news-aggregating reader similar to Feedly or Taptu. But unlike those apps, Newsstand is most likely already preinstalled on your phone (that is, if you use Android). So, now, it’s really convenient now to stay up-to-date with AUS news without opening the browser.

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The purpose of Newsstand to bring together all of your favorite news sources. Of course, the AUS website is fully compatible with Newsstand. The steps for adding a custom feed (i.e. a blog that isn’t New York Times or some other mainstream source) in Newsstand are not obvious, so here they are:

1. Get Newsstand from the Play Store if you haven’t already.

2. Tap on the Search icon (the magnifying glass).

3. Type in or paste

4. Tap Go, then choose the first result.

5. Lastly, tap the Add button (+) to add AUS to your feed.

So, fellow Android users, even though the AUS webapp feature is not available on Android, and the mobile site doesn’t follow the Holo design language, you’ve at least got this. I hope you appreciate the many ways you can access AUS updates on your smartphone (yes, there will be more to come). Anyway, enjoy!

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