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A very helpful email from McGill’s OASIS Student Advising Office:
Looking for information about Arts procedures or policies? Frustrated because you just don’t know where to find it on McGill’s many websites? Look no further.

Most of the information you need is right at your fingertips, and easily accessible from the Arts OASIS website: Here are some useful links on the site:

Advanced standing credit and exemptions

Applying for graduation

Course calendars

Course load

Courses outside of Arts and Science

Course overlap

Course and university withdrawal

Credit limit for the degree

Deferred exams

Degree evaluation

Degree requirements

Degree planning information sessions

Departmental advisers

Drop-in advising sessions with Faculty advisers

Exam information and schedules

Exchange programs

Faculty adviser/departmental adviser

Failing a course

Freshman program requirements

Graduation Checklist

Honours degree (Honours and Joint Honours) versus multi-track degree (Major/Minor Concentrations)

Important dates

Interfaculty transfer

Internship courses and programs

Method of course evaluation and grading procedures

Minimum McGill credits required for a degree (Residency)

Multi-track program requirements

Preparing for graduate studies

Readmission after an absence

Registering for a Minor or a Major Concentration on Minerva

Reassessments and Rereads

Service Point

Service Point Forms (Application to Exceed 17 Credits; Graduation Term Change Request; Course Change Request)

Special exam arrangements because of exam conflicts

Student Services

Study away procedures and deadlines

Summer course calendar

Supplemental exams

Taking courses outside Arts and Science

Taking courses at another Quebec university under the Inter-University Transfer Agreement

Time limit to complete a degree

Transfer credits

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