Minutes of Arts Student Employment Fund Committee Meeting February 25th, 2014

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On February 25th, the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee met to allocate a portion of ASEF deemed ‘undesignated funds’. There are a number of reasons for this surplus, however the most significant is that the ASEF is in part contributed to at a fixed amount levied on a semester by semester basis from students (the other half is contributed from the Dean of Arts Development Fund). However, the fund’s original intended use- hiring student research assistants for newly appointed professors- is based on the ever-changing number of new professors hired in Arts. Thus if fewer new professors are being hired (as has been the trend recently) there will be an extra amount left over in the fund- the ‘undesignated funds’. This year the AUS formed the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee, under the VP Academic portfolio, in order to allocate these undesignated funds in a way that both ensures student input on the decision and allocates the funds to the purpose outlined in article 2.1 of the ASEF By-Laws, “to provide funding for the creation of career-advancing and/or academically-based employment opportunities for those members of the Arts Undergraduate Society who contribute to the Arts Student Employment Fund” (bylaws can be found here: http://old2.ausmcgill.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/ASEF-Feb-2014.pdf) . The meeting minutes and spreadsheet below detail this allocation process, but feel free to contact me at academic.aus@mail.mcgill.ca if you have any questions or comments.


Jacob Greenspon

VP Academic, Arts Undergraduate Society


ASEFC Allocations

ASEFC Minutes Feb 25




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