Shout Out to Reading Week

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11:39 AM, February 28

AUS Office

Dear Fellow Arts Students,

The Arts Lounge is practically empty right now; the lights are off, and hardly a sound can be heard. Maybe it’s because Reading Week is just a few hours away, or maybe it’s because everybody went to “Fourplay: a Classy Mixer” last night.

Shout out to ESA, HSA, IDSSA, and PSSA for putting on a great event!

Shout out to Reading Week! Your name doesn’t make much sense to me, but I like you.

Anyway, all AUS financial activity will be suspended from March 1 to March 9 (inclusive). Come by the office today if you need anything done before break–I recommend picking up any reimbursement cheques that you might have coming your way. I will check my email frequently over the next week so definitely contact me if anything comes up.

I will also take this opportunity to promote the Red and White Graduation Ball; check out the Facebook event:

Enjoy your break!


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