Just kidding. But seriously.

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3:10 PM, April 2 2014

The Office

Dear Fellow Arts Students,

Vault just released their latest edition of “50 Most Difficult Companies to Get a Job With”. Snax came in at number 8, just ahead of Amazon.

Just kidding, but seriously.

But actually just kidding. The deadline for the manager position is today, and the deadline for the cashier and assistant manager positions is on Monday, April 7. Check out my previous blog post for the job listings if you are interested in applying.

The AUS enters uncharted waters. Our fiscal year has ended, so much of the next two months will be about making sure that we are audit-ready.

In response to AUS Legislative Council approving the “Motion to Purchase a Non-Redeemable GIC” at its last meeting, I purchased a $165,000 non-redeemable GIC from RBC. It yields an interest rate of 1.75%, and is a three-year deposit. The GIC will mature on March 28 2017 with an anticipated interest revenue of $8662.50. We have left a fair amount of money available to the AUS outside of this GIC, in case we need to pay unexpected costs or fund major projects.

Transition with Kateryn is going fabulously. She is getting integrated into all aspects of the VP Finance position: daily operations, accounting, and the ‘greater picture’ of our financial position and long term planning.

I will be making a detailed presentation about this year’s spending at next week’s AUS Legislative Council. Afterwards, I will make sure it is available for inspection by all AUS constituents!

All the best,




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