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Hi friends!


I am seeking members of the Arts Undergraduate Society to sit on the Financial Management Committee and the Department of the Internal Audit.


The Financial Management Committee is comprised of 8 members and the VP Finance. It is tasked with:

  • Reviewing and approving the budgets of departmental associations, AUS executives, and the overall AUS budget
  • Disbursing grants from the AUS Journal Fund, the AUS Supplementary Fund, and the AUS Special Projects Fund
  • Setting out long-term goals for the financial stewardship of AUS assets
  • Implementing checks to ensure the proper use of AUS funds to improve the student experience of its members

Meetings will be held weekly until mid-October, at which point they will be held once every two weeks. One member will be also appointed to sit on AUS Council as Financial Management Committee Representative.


The Department of the Internal Audit is comprised of four members and the VP Finance. It is tasked with:

  • Regulating the spending of AUS allocations according to the budgets approved by the Financial Management Committee
  • Examining the financial statements of departmental associations accounts (including the four external accounts), AUS executives, and SNAX
  • Creating reports for the VP Finance

Meeting are held approximately once a month. A significant portion of the work is outside of meeting times, but is flexible according to your own schedule. An understanding of basic accounting principles is an asset, but training will be provided.


No formal experience is necessary for either of the two committees. What I am looking for is dedicated, talented people who have a genuine interest in making sure the AUS funds are spent towards improving the student experience.


If these opportunities sound like something you could be interested in, I highly encourage you to apply (for either one or both). Please email me with your cover letter and CV at by 3pm EST on Wednesday, September 17th. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by September 19th for interviews.


All the best,

Li Xue

AUS VP Finance


Notice: the application deadline has been extended to 3pm EST on Wednesday, September 24th.

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