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AUS Community is our most successful online service to date. We’ve had hundreds of listings already, and it is likely that we will have at least a thousand by the end of this academic year. In order to continue to provide the best service, we are making some changes to AUS Community:

Listings now expire in 8 days
AUS Community is a very dynamic service. We want to show the most up-to-date material, and by shortening the expiry duration for all listings, we believe that we can eliminate any unexpired listings that are no longer valid.
What does that mean for you? Well, if you are planning to post a listing earlier than 8 days in advance, you should be reactivating your listing upon expiration to ensure that your listing keeps appearing. Remember, when you reactivate, your listing is bumped up to the top of the list!
The new expiry duration applies to ALL listings, including those that have already been submitted. If you have submitted a listing between September 1 and September 12, you will receive one more reactivation to make up for this change.

Elimination of “Free and For Sale” category
“Free and For Sale” is almost never used, and therefore, we are eliminating it. If you do have something to offer or sell, you should either post it under “Happenings” if you are offering or selling your product at an event (e.g. bake sale), or categorize it under “Announcements” otherwise

Deletion of past listings is no longer required
We are no longer requiring users to delete listings that are no longer valid. This is because people don’t really do it (if you have so many listservs to post to, you aren’t going to care about additional requirements for just the AUS), and it would be really neat to build up an archive of past listings for future reference. In fact, we’ve used up less 1% of our database capacity, so post away and leave them posted!

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