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This year, we’ve added many new features to our website. Let’s have a look:

Locker Rental Program

In the past, when you registered for a locker in the Leacock basement, you were assigned a locker. Now, you get to choose your own locker right on our website! Have a class in Leacock 26? Choose a locker right beside it. Want a locker close to the stairwell? It’s yours, provided that you are quick enough to reserve it.

Table Booking Tab

On the home page, there is a new Table Booking tab. This is where you will make your table bookings. The process is now quicker than before; most bookings can be done within a minute. When bookings are approved, everyone gets to see who has booked a table on a certain day. This means that if you are hungry for samosas, you can check whether or not there is a samosa sale in the Leacock lobby for today, and so on.

AUS Archive

Past websites, blogs, and exec profiles are now posted. Relive the years gone by with whichever archived websites I managed to dig up and restore from our servers.

Photos and AUS Community Widget

The latest AUS photos are now available on our home page. The rest can be found, of course, in our Facebook album. Additionally, you can now view the latest AUS Community posts conveniently on our home page.

French Website (coming soon)

By the end of September, we will launch a French version of our website. Our current translator, Gabriel Proulx, as well as our translator last year, Thy Anne Chu Quang, have worked hard to translate much of our content into French. Per the AUS Constitution, French is one of our official languages. As well, we believe that a French website will better serve the francophone student community.

Thank you for visiting the AUS website!

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