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Hi everyone!


Hip hip hooray, the AUS Audited Financial Statements are ready for approval! I will be going to our auditor (Fuller Landau) the week of November 10th to review them before they’re approved.


My (updated) office hours are:

MWF: 3:30-4:30 (except Friday, Nov 28)

TR: 11:30-12:30


Also, in connection to the Accountability Motion, I made a list of the things I did over the time period October 15-17. Even though I only kept track for three days, it’s fairly representative of the things I do on a daily basis.

October 15th

–          Met with RUSS VP Finance regarding their budget; learned of issues with multidepartment apartment crawl expenses all being put on RUSS budget. ~30 minutes

–          Talked to VP External about Grad Fair cheques and the External budget. ~20 minutes

–          Emails. ~60 minutes

–          Following up with Emma Meldrum regarding pay confirmations to forward to Work Study. ~10 minutes

–          Calling our auditor regarding his call to us (left a message). ~5 minutes

–          Drafting blog post on samosa sales at McGill. ~45 minutes

–          Then I attended Council

–          Sent email to Colleen Dewey regarding Work Study Project #14644. ~10 minutes


October 16th

–          Wrote a statement regarding the withdrawal of the Work-Study motion. ~ 90 minutes

–          Discussed with President about the different portfolios and financial impacts of their actions. ~ 240 minutes

–          Emails. ~40 minutes

–          Dropped off my own cheque requisition, created float for BDA. ~10 minutes

–          Zipped all budgets and funding applications, distributed and posted instructions for FMC members, attached all relevant information on my side. ~ 40 minutes

–          Touched base with DIA members, updating them on the situation, detailing audit protocol, looked into dates for first meeting. ~30 minutes

–          Briefly investigated into a funding issue. ~20 minutes

–          Sent message regarding tabling/coffee issues with Prep 101. ~10 minutes

–          Follow up regarding RUSS’ situation. ~10 minutes

–          Drafted my memo for ExComm since I won’t be there on Monday. ~40 minutes

–          Counted deposits. ~30 minutes


October 17th

–          Brief issues with FMC budgets/applications/meeting. ~15 minutes

–          Coordinating with the VP Internal about which Departments sent Departmental Packages, getting all our information together. ~30 minutes

–          Follow up regarding Prep 101. ~20 minutes

–          Contacted Dean Manfredi’s assistant Sandra regarding setting a meeting date for AUIF 2015. ~10 minutes

–          Looking into different options for ice machines/beer coolers for BDA. ~40 minutes

–          Called our auditor again (left a message). ~5 minutes

–          Looked further into aforementioned funding issue. ~30 minutes

–          Sent pay period confirmations to Colleen Dewey. ~5 minutes

–          Emails. ~40 minutes

–          FMC meeting. ~180 minutes


I also made a news channel for all VP Finances. If you’re curious as to what happens on a departmental level, take a look here:


Anyways, happy Tuesday/end of midterms, everyone!


Li Xue

AUS VP Finance

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