Arts Student Employment Fund Fall Allocations

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Last week at AUS Legislative Council, the allocation decisions of the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee (ASEFC) were approved. These were applications to the undesignated funds of the ASEF, which the committee is empowered to distribute to other employment projects for Arts undergraduate students on-campus. As promised, below is a summary of the projects being funded for next term. If you have questions about any of these projects or the rationale behind the funding decisions, please do not hesitate to email me. The job descriptions will be posted on the AUS website in the coming weeks.

ASEF Allocation Decisions Fall 2014

This diagram provides a breakdown of the Fund’s structure:

ASEF Breakdown


More information can also be found in the ASEF FAQ and the Fund bylaws. In the Winter term, there will be an additional application period, where McGill units can apply for projects in Summer 2015.

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