Town Hall with Dean Christopher P. Manfredi on the Proposed Arts Internship Office Fee

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Join the Dean on On Wednesday November 26th at 6pm in Leacock 232 to discuss the Proposed Arts Internship Office Fee.

The Arts Internship Office will be losing its funding.

Did you know that the Arts Internship Office, which coordinates programs like the Arts Internship Program (AIP) and ARIA, may cease to exist? The MELS (Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport) grant from the provincial government which pays for the office has been cut by the government of Quebec for the next fiscal year. The Dean of Arts and the AUS are currently looking into a new student fee to contribute to an endowment that will fund the continued existence of the AIO. The endowment will draw 30% from the proposed student fee and 70% from expected philanthropic donations. The total endowment is proposed to generate five million dollars over five years to create a permanent source of revenue for the office.

The fee will run over five years and will cost between $1.50 to $2.25 per credit for each student. (This is not a small sum, which is why we urge you to come out to give us your opinions!). If the fee does not happen, there is a very high chance that the office and its programs (AIP, ARIA, and more) will completely cease to exist. We want to hear your input. Do you care about the continued existence of the Arts Internship Office? How have programs like the Arts Internship Program and the Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA) helped you? Do you think students should contribute to a fee levy to fund the service? A proposed fee will also allow us more student input, thus do you have feedback into how you think the AIO programs should operate?

Come Wednesday, November 26 at 6pm to an open session of AUS Council where we will be holding a Town Hall with the Dean of Arts Christopher P. Manfredi. He and the AUS President Ava Liu will be there to answer your questions about the proposed fee. We want to hear your concerns and your thoughts about the proposed fee!

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