IKEA Opportunity, Inquire Within — AUIF 2015

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Hello everyone,


The AUIF application is ready! Pulling the blurb inside the application:

The Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee (AUIFC) is an annual funding session that allocates roughly $200,000 (exact amount to be determined after the Winter semester fee opt-out period) towards capital improvements and their one-time installation costs for groups affiliated with the Faculty of Arts. This year, the Committee will meet on February 10th, 2015. The deadline for applications is February 2nd, 2015, at 2pm. Completed applications must be submitted in .docx format to finance.aus@mail.mcgill.ca


Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Application 2015


So why does this matter to you, you may ask? It’s a great way for you to have a say in how you want AUS space beautified with minimal effort. The lovely thing about representation is that you just need to voice your thoughts to your Departmental Associations, and they’ll have to do the grunge work of preparing the application. Do you avoid your Departmental Association’s lounge because you’re petrified by the odd stains on the couch? Do you want a chaise instead of mismatched chairs? Do you wish your Departmental Association’s office had a fridge or microwave or popcorn popper? Want a whiteboard mounted somewhere? Karaoke fundraisers shot down because there are no microphones? Even if all you want to do is to shop the online IKEA catalogue, this is your chance.


Seriously, let your Departmental Association Executives know if you have ideas for department-specific improvements, or any AUS Executive for general AUS spaces or the AUS Lounge. I can’t stress it enough: This is a four-times-in-an-undergraduate-degree opportunity; don’t let it pass you by. 


Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

Li Xue

AUS VP Finance

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