Summary of AUS Council Meeting September 23rd 2015

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

The AUS Legislative Council held its regular bi-weekly meeting on Wednesday September 23rd. The Council agenda included: a presentation from interim Dean of Arts Hudson Meadwell; regular reports from the AUS Executives, Arts Reps andArts Senators; special reports from the Frosh Committee and the Equity Committee on 2015 Arts Frosh; and voting on several motions. Importantly, Council voted approve significant changes to the AUS Accountability Bylaws—including the creation of an Accountability Committee headed by a new AUS Secretary General—as well as changes to the FEARC Bylaws and the establishment of an ad-hoc Career Coordination Committee to bring together planning of the AUS’ various career related events. Documents from this meeting can be found on this page ( The next AUS Council meeting will be at 6:00 PM on Wednesday October 7th in Leacock 232 and, as always, anyone is welcome to attend!

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