Follow Up Statement Regarding Arts Rep to SSMU

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The AUS as an organization, pursuant to its Equity Policy, “has a responsibility as representative service provider to undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, a diverse membership, to conduct itself by the highest standards of respect, fairness, integrity, safety, and equitable treatment for all persons”.

Our previous statement, specifically designed to condemn a suggestion of violence, clearly resonated with political bias. Although the Executive understands this is inherently a political issue, it was not our intention to give credence to one belief over another, and we are disheartened that our statement has been construed as such. We intend to condemn any use of violence, as well as reactionary violence, against any member of our community. While people are experiencing a variety of emotions right now, reactionary threats of violence are, as all forms of violence, incredibly inappropriate.

For all who have ever felt marginalized and unsafe on campus, currently feel unsafe, and continue to feel unsafe- we hear you and are here for you. As your student representatives, we are incredibly concerned with integrating your feelings into our operations to ensure the emotional and physical safety of every member of our community.

Going forward, any statement released on behalf of the Arts Undergraduate Society will be via the decision of Legislative Council. Legislative Council is a body comprised of elected representatives on the AUS and within departmental associations. Official stances of the AUS must be adopted through the passage of a motion submitted by Councilors.

If you feel as if our actions have misrepresented you, please feel free to consult with members of the Executive or to seek out any of your departmental representatives, which can be found HERE.
For more information on Legislative Council please visit THIS PAGE; as constituents, you are entitled to attend any of Legislative Council’s proceedings, although you are not entitled to a vote.

–The AUS Executive Team

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