Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche is an annual event hosted by the AUS’s Fine Arts Council, a committee of Council whose goal is to promote the fine arts within the McGill community, considering that McGill does not offer a formal fine arts program. Nuit Blanche occurs in the SSMU Building, and every room in the building is filled with a different event or showcase, as long as it falls under the criteria of “fine arts.” Nuit Blanche creates an opportunity for students and student groups on campus to showcase their talents. Acts from previous years include a cappella, dance, poetry slams, acoustic music, body moulds made of tape, art vernissages, arts & crafts, audiovisual experiences, live cooking demonstrations, and more! Contact the AUS VP Internal if you have any questions.

SAVE THE DATE: March 2015 (exact date to be announced)

Poster from Nuit Blanche 2013: Constellations