Agenda – September 27th, 2017

Ananya Nair | AUS President Legislative Council, Updates

Call to Order Territorial Acknowledgement Approval of the Agenda Approval of the Minutes from September 13th Frosh Report to Council Frosh Equity Report Presentation of AUS Summer Expenditures Discussion on use of Computer Lab Space Announcements New Business Motion to Amend the Equity Policy Motion to Approve AUS Stipended Volunteers Reports of the Arts Reps & Senators Report of the …

Agenda- February 22, 2017

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

Call to order Territorial Acknowledgement Roll Call Approval of Minutes from February 8th Approval of the Agenda Procedural Question and Answer Announcements Statement from the AUS Executive New Business Motion to Impeach Arts Representative to SSMU Motion to Amend Equity Policy By-Laws Motion to Approve Question Regarding ASEF Motion to Approve ASEF Decisions Motion to approve AUIF Allocations 9. Question …

Follow Up Statement Regarding Arts Rep to SSMU

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

The AUS as an organization, pursuant to its Equity Policy, “has a responsibility as representative service provider to undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, a diverse membership, to conduct itself by the highest standards of respect, fairness, integrity, safety, and equitable treatment for all persons”. Our previous statement, specifically designed to condemn a suggestion of violence, clearly resonated …

Statement Regarding Arts Representative to SSMU

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

The AUS does not support racism, sexism, or prejudice in any form. We are, as a society, committed to equity and inclusivity. We do not condone the use of violence for any purpose. The recent concerns regarding Igor Sadikov, an Arts Representative to SSMU, are legitimate. We regret that any member of our community felt alienated by a member of …

AUS Council Summary January 25

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

At this week’s AUS meeting we had a presentation on Robert’s Rules of Order, plus welcomed all the new departmental exec for the semester. We also approved the composition of membership for the Arts Student Employment Fund Committee and the SNAX committee. We also discussed the upcoming AUS elections, council in favour of candidates having to meet with the incumbent …

AUS Council Summary January 11

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

At the first AUS meeting of the semester we confirmed the dates for the winter general election, and discussed our larger plans for the semester. The VP Academic also discussed the proposed changes to the Arts Student Employment Fund Bylaws, which deal with funding Professors receive to hire student researchers!