Seeking FMC and Audit Committee Members!

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Hello Arts Students,

I am seeking members for the following two committees; any Arts or Arts & Science student may apply.

Financial Management Committee (FMC):

  • Approve all departmental, executive, and general AUS budgets
  • Review applications to the Journal Fund, Supplementary Fund, and Special Projects Fund; thus in control of roughly $30,000
  • Review AUS cash flow statements to serve as a check against financial mismanagement
  • Submit written or oral report to AUS Council
  • Meets twice per month

Audit Committee:

  • Examine cash flow and bank statements for each AUS account (AUS primary account, four external departmental associations, Snax)
  • Compare budgets to actual spending, ensuring that the AUS and its departments are using their funds for the approved expenses
  • Report to AUS VP Finance; in significant cases, report to FMC; in extreme cases, report directly to AUS Council
  • Meets once per month, but does work outside meetings

No previous experience necessary! We simply need highly motivated and interested students to participate (although we would like to have a few experienced people as well). This is a great gateway for people who want to get involved with AUS for the first time and for those who are interested in learning more about accounting and financial management.

All those who are interested contact Sam Higgs at; describe in this email what your qualifications are and why you are interested in these committees.




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