Happy September! Arts Health and Wellness Week

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Dear Arts students!

Now that we’re reaching the end of the month, I thought I’d give you a few updates on what life’s been like within the AUS Presidential portfolio.

  • This month, we’ve implemented updates to the booking procedures for tables and lockers. Now table bookings and locker rentals begin online and you come into the office to pay with our Exec Assistant Grant Whitham after you’ve reserved your spot. If you drop by the office, you can chat with Grant! He works 9 to 5 at our front desk.
  • We’re working on the pilot version of the AUS laptop lending program, which will launch in full for the Winter 2015 term. Stay tuned to hear more about this exciting program! You will be able to rent out laptops and corresponding equipment from the 24 Hour Ferrier Lab.
  • For those of you who do not know, as an Arts student you have access to the Ferrier lab, which is a 24 hour space that you can use at any time. As for the laptop lending program, we’re currently in the midst of drafting the forms and contracts which students will sign.
  • I have been working on Arts Health and Wellness Week, which is set to launch this Monday at 5:30pm in the Arts Lounge! Here is a look at our poster:

    AHAW is a collaborative project between the AUS and Arts OASIS. It consists of a series of self-care activities through the week geared to helping you be aware of your mental health. Check out our Facebook event here. 

    Monday September 29th, 5:30pm:
  • “How to Sleep Well” 
    Speaker: Amanda Unruh, Health Promotion Officer
    Location: AUS Lounge in Leacock Basement, Room B-12
    *** Veggies Available at this event ***Tuesday September 30th, 5:30 pm:
    “AHAW Self-Care Tips on Mental Well-Being During Midterms”
    Speaker: Emily Yung, Mental Health Education Coordinator
    Location: AUS Lounge in Leacock Basement, Room B-12
    *** featuring a Cupcake Break ***Wednesday October 1st, 6:00pm:
    “AHAW Self-Care During Midterm Exams”
    Speaker: Sanu Ariyarajah, McGill Counselling Service Intern
    Location: AUS Lounge in Leacock Basement, Room B-12Thursday October 2nd, ALL DAY:
    Midterms Break!
    Take a study break with us and enjoy a popsicle!
    Location: AUS Lounge in Leacock Basement, Room B-12Friday October 3rd, 3:00pm-4:30pm :
    Free Yoga Session
    Location: SSMU Building, Room 401
    *** Arts Students – Bring your Student IDs ***
  • This month we’ve also responded to two resignations on the core AUS team. I have been working to ensure that our services for students are still met at their full potential.
  • Coming up, AUS Council has its first ever Equity Workshop on October 15th delivered by the Social Equity and Diversity Office. This is a new initiative that I am piloting this year to bring more awareness of equity principles into the operations of the AUS and our structures.

That’s it for now! Speak soon folks.


Ava Liu

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