Notice: Resignation of AUS VP Social

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Dear members of the Arts Undergraduate Society,

Please see this important announcement from the AUS Executive concerning the Resignation of the VP Social

We, the AUS Executive, would like to inform our members about the resignation of the VP Social, “for reasons of extreme personal, academic, and emotional duress met during the role.” The resignation will be made official on November 12th, 2014 at that evening’s session of AUS Legislative Council. The replacement process will be discussed at that same session. In the meantime, the AUS Executives are working hard to ensure that student services are covered and that the transition period is smooth.

Replacement measures are conducted per the AUS Constitution and Electoral By-Laws. As following the AUS Constitution, Article 12.13,

“In the event that one of the Vice-Presidents positions is or becomes vacant, the Council or General Assembly shall elect a replacement, in accordance with the Electoral by-laws, from amongst its members or choose a member of an official committee (as stipulated in article 10.1) until a by-election, if deemed necessary, is held.”

A new VP Social will be selected by appointment during the AUS Council Meeting on Wednesday November 26th.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the AUS President at president [at] ausmcgill [dot] com.

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