Arts Financial Management Committee 2015-2016

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The AUS Financial Management Committee (FMC) is seeking 2015 – 2016 committee members! FMC meets twice/thrice per month for around two hours, and does the following: 

  • Review funding applications: The FMC controls a $40,000+ budget split into three funds to which student groups may apply to. These are: 
  1. Journal Fund for student publications and journals. This fund allocates about $15,000 towards publishing costs for AUS departmental and affiliated journals.
  2. Supplementary Fund for departmental associations. This departmental only fund contains about $15,000 for any events departments want to run such as conferences, seminars and journal launch parties. 
  3. Special Projects Fund for other student groups seeking funding for events or projects they want to organize or take on. This fund holds around $10,000.
  • Approve AUS budgets: The FMC approves (or rejects) budgets of all the departmental associations and AUS executives.
  • Inspect AUS bank and cash flow statements: FMC will look at these documents as a check against fraud and mismanagement of AUS funds.
  • Advisory: FMC can advise the AUS Executive Committee and Council on all financial matters pertaining to the AUS, including proposals for long term financial planning and budgeting for new initiatives within the AUS operating budget.

There are no such qualifications necessary to apply for this position apart from an interest in finance and financial management. If you are interested please send in your CV and Cover Letter to AUS VP Finance.

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