Info Package: Possible Changes to AUS VP Finance Election Process

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

The AUS is looking to propose a question to students in the fall referendum period about changing the process by which AUS VP Finances are chosen. Due to recurring financial difficulties the AUS has experienced throughout its 22 year history and the evolution of the VP Finance position to include greater accounting and tax-filing responsibilities, the AUS is considering options to ensure that future VP Finances have the skills necessary to perform their duties and to manage students money safely and effectively.

Some options currently under consideration include: appointment of future VP Finances by AUS Council, a pre-election screening of future VP Finance candidates to ensure they have the necessary skills , or increasing the AUS Base Fee to hire a part-time accountant. A package with more detailed information can be found here

The timeline for the fall referendum is below:

  • Last day to submit referendum questions via petition: Monday, November 2nd at 5 PM
  • Last Council to approve referendum questions: Wednesday, November 4th
  • Questions sent out to all students in both languages on Saturday, November 7th
  • Last day to form referendum committees: Monday, November 16th
  • Campaign Period: Wednesday, November 18th – Friday, November 27th at 5PM
  • Polling Period/Time: Friday, November 20th at 9AM – Friday, November 27th at 5 PM
  • Polling Location: Online Voting System

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