Summary of AUS Council Meeting January 13

Ananya Nair | AUS President Updates

At this week’s AUS meeting we discussed our goals for the semester. AUS elections are coming up, and we’re looking for candidates for AUS Executive positions and Arts Reps. We’re trying to publish a centralized application form on the AUS website, so it will be much easier to access and apply for positions with the AUS! Council also passed a motion to related to AUS executives compensation  through work-study. We also discussed new screening criteria for the AUS VP Finance, to be voted into the electoral bylaws next council. Finally, Arts Senators are pushing for possible changes to McGill’s medical notes policy for academic deferrals, especially on how to alleviate the burden on McGill Services and students during the exam period. AUS Council is next meeting January 27th at 6 pm in Leacock 232–all are welcome to attend!

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Ananya Nair | AUS President