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If you’re interested in getting involved on campus, an AUS Committee is a great way to do so!

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Academic Affairs Committee
Contact: VP Academic, Madeline Wilson

The Academic Affairs Committee will work to develop projects and ideas for the academic betterment of all Arts students. From Faculty-level policy analyzing to AUS-level resource creation, this is one of the most flexible committees of the AUS. Members should be comfortable with autonomy and enjoy developing and executing project-based initiatives. Will meet approximately once a month for the duration of the 17-18 school year.

Library-Partnership Committee
Contact: VP Academic, Madeline Wilson

The AUS Library Partnership Committee (LPC) is responsible for coming up with ideas for the McLennan-Redpath Library Complex that will improve the experiences of the Arts students who use it. This committee will be tasked with creating a funding proposal for their ideas to be presented at the Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committee in February. Members should be familiar with the needs of Arts students as they relate to library resources. Will meet approximately twice a month until February

Commuter Support and Engagement Committee

Contact:VP Academic, Madeline Wilson

The Commuter Support and Engagement Committee is designed to increase commuter student representation and involvement on campus and through academic and social initiatives. Members must be able to make the case for their status as off-campus/commuter students. Will meet at least twice a month.

International Student Affairs Commission

Contact: VP Academic, Madeline Wilson

The International Student Affairs Commission (ISAC) is dedicated to providing services and hosting events targeted at all international undergraduate arts students. Members must be able to make their case as international students and should have a passion for community building. Will meet roughly twice a month.

Equity Committee
Contact: President, Erik Partridge

The AUS Equity Committee is responsible for planning equitable events, promoting equity and inclusivity on-campus, and handling equity complaints made by members of the Arts Undergraduate Society. Members should be passionate about equity, though experience is not necessary. The Equity Committee will meet approximately twice per month.

Constitution and By-Law Review Committee
Contact: President, Erik Partridge

The AUS’ Constitution and By-Law Review Committee meets every other Friday to review motions going to the following week’s AUS Legislative Council. The Committee is responsible for the review of changes to AUS By-Laws and the AUS Constitution, to prevent conflicts and to promote the good governance of the society. Members should be able to attend the regular Friday meetings, experience with by-laws or good governance preferable, but not required.

Marketing Committee
Contact: VP Communications, Maria Thomas

The Marketing Committee undertakes unique promotional techniques to ensure that everyone knows about what’s going on in the universe we like to call the AUS.

Francophone Commission
Contact: VP Communications, Maria Thomas
The Francophone Commission endeavors to achieve the following:

1. Foster the community and presence of the Francophone student body of the Arts Undergraduate Society by planning cultural events and promoting bilingualism within the Society

2. Strengthen links between the Francophone and non-Francophone students and provide students with opportunities to engage with Francophone and Quebecois culture

3. Advance bilingual services and policies within the AUS and the AUS’s internal groups to further Francophone and bilingual interests

1. Encourager et faciliter la participation des étudiants francophones au sein de l’Association Etudiante de la Faculté des Arts par l’entremise d’activités récréatives bilingues d’ordre social, éducatif ou culturel.

2. Renforcer les liens entre les étudiants francophones et non-francophones et donner l’opportunité à la population étudiante de découvrir la culture francophone et québécoise.

3. Offrir des services et mettre en place des politiques bilingues au sein de l’AÉFA pour avancer la francophonie et le bilinguisme.