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Bar des Arts is hosting a special Halloween Event on Thursday October 31st.  They will be serving beer from 4-9.

Costumes are highly encouraged!!!  We will be holding a costume contest with awesome (predictable) prizes for the winners. BDA staff will be dressing up as well as giving out some free tickets for their personal favorite costumes so definitely come costumed. Keep in mind though that if you think there is any possible way your costume could be construed as offensive, make sure to go see the AUS Equity Commissioners Wednesday from 3-6 in the JD room in the Arts Lounge.

As always bring a non-breakable, reusable cup (or buy one at the door!) and a few $$ and start Halloweekend off right!

BDA is an AUS event it falls under the jurisdiction of the Equity Bylaws which can be found here: http://old2.ausmcgill.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Equity-Bylaws-October-16-2013.pdf .

As such, any costume found to be oppressive or racist will not be allowed at BDA. This includes but is not limited to dressing as someone from another race or culture (e.g. black face, aboriginal dress, sombreros, etc.) or any symbols of oppression. The AUS reserves the right to remove any individual whose costume is deemed problematic by the Equity Committee.

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