First Year Events, Academic and Representative Council (FEARC)

FEARC is the First Year Events, Academic, and Representative Council!

It’s run by first years, for first years! It is a great way to get involved if you are interested in event planning, student government, and academic advocacy. We have a variety of executive positions available to students! Contact us at ausfearcmcgill@gmail.com.

Photo of Muskaan

President: Muskaan Bhaidani

The president coordinates and supervises the affairs of FEAERC as well as presides over the meetings. The president is responsible for spearheading the organization of social and academic events for first years with the VP Social. The president also acts as the official spokesperson for FEARC and ensures that the executive team works to meet the needs of both CEGEP and International students.

Photo of Ben

VP External: Ben Stokely

VP external shall liaise with AUS VP External and be the representative of FEARC at the AUS Legislative Council meetings. The VP External is responsible for communication and coordination with other departmental, faculty, or university societies to further the interests of first year students.

Photo of Tarini

VP Academic: Taarini Andlay

The VP Academic of FEARC aliases with the AUS VP Academic and acts as an advocate for first year arts students. The VP academic shall seek feedback regarding curriculum from first year students and work with the AUS VP Academic to address any concerns from first year students. The VP Academic shall also sit on the Academic Affairs Committee.

Photo of Divi

VP Social: Divi Maheshwari

VP Social shall liaise with the AUS VP Social and is responsible for the organization of social activities for first year students. VP Social shall also work with the VP Communications to ensure the interests of first year students are being met. VP Social also works with the VP External of FEARC to potentially partner with other groups.

Photo of Aybüke

VP Communications: Aybüke Derya Ekiz

VP Comms will work with the AUS VP Communications and be responsible for all communications of FEARC activities to first year students, through the use of the listserv system. The VP Communications shall maintain social media presence and work to increase visibility of the organization.

Photo of Sabrina

 VP Finance: Sabrina Ahmed

VP Finance will liaise with the AUS VP Finance and maintain the budget of FEARC. The VP Finance will keep record of FEARC’s finances to ensure all events and projects are financially sound. The VP Finance will also be a member of the AUS Financial Management Committee.

Applications are now closed.
Contact Joy at internal.aus@mail.mcgill.ca for questions or more information!