Arts Internship Office

The AIO is a Faculty of Arts’ student’s first stop and central resource for everything related to internships. The AIO’s goal is to help students enrich their academic careers and gain out-of the classroom experience through summer work and research placements to make them more competitive in their future academic and professional endeavors. To that end, the AIO offers internship opportunities, funding, advising, and professional development workshops designed to guide students through every step of the internship process.

The AIO coordinates several internships each summer at various host organizations within Canada and around the world. Each year, Arts students who will be returning to the faculty in the fall are eligible to apply to these positions. The opportunities are outlined in the postings section of our website and we encourage you to take a look to see which positions might interest you.

Not only does the AIO coordinate internships for students, but it also provides funding opportunities to make these experiences accessible. Importantly, funding is available not only for students who undertake AIO-coordinated internships, but also to students who find their own internship (which must meet certain eligibility requirements). This is another great opportunity for students to pursue, as many AIO-coordinated internships are competitive, or a student might find the perfect role within an organisation not affiliated with the AIO and want to apply for funding for that position.

If you’re uncertain as to how to start looking for your own internship, the AIO is here to help. We offer advising services during drop-in hours or by special appointment, as well as a series of seminars throughout the year featuring guidance and advice on networking, finding host organizations, and fine-tuning your CV and cover letter.

For students interested in gaining academic research experience over the summer, the AIO has a specific program– the Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIA). The ARIA program allows you to work on a McGill professor’s research project for eleven weeks over the summer under their direct supervision, a great experience for those interested in graduate study. Each student participating in the ARIA program receives a $2,000 award from their supervising professor matched by another $2000 from the AIO, for a total award of $4,000. Read more about ARIA here.

Finally, Internships from Start to Finish is a series of professional development workshops offered by the AIO and other partners designed to help students succeed in finding an internship, excelling in an internship environment, and using the skills and experience gained during an internship to meet future goals. Towards the beginning of the academic year, workshops open to all Arts students are offered to help you find an internship. As the year progresses, AIO interns and award recipients receive intensive training through workshops focusing on a variety of topics. These are followed by final workshops in the fall to reflect and build off of summer experiences. Read more about AIO workshops here.