Fine Arts Council (FAC)


The Arts Undergraduate Society has allocated a percentage of funding specifically to the fine arts at McGill thanks to the student fees every Arts student pays – hence, the Fine Arts Council. Whether you want to create a journal, a play, a film, a photo exhibit, or anything else that can be deemed fine arts, there is finally someone, or rather 12 people, who want to help make the arts more accessible to students. The Fine Arts Council is the ultimate patron of the arts, and our main goal is to encourage, foster, and expand the fine arts community here at McGill to the best of our ability!

Now in its tenth year of existence, the council has sponsored many projects including the Fridge Door Gallery, McGill’s only student-run and student-curated gallery showcasing artwork created by students. The Fine Arts Council is proud to additionally be supporting the following groups and individuals this Fall 2016 semester: 

  • Alegria Contemporary Ballet Company
  • Inertia Modern Dance Collective
  • The Veg Magazine
  • Folio Magazine
  • F Word Magazine
  • Scrivener Creative Review
  • Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society
  • Players’ Theatre
  • The Classics Student Association Play
  • Fishbowl Theatre Collective
  • McGill University Photography Student Society
  • Independent Artist: Jules Michaud
  • Independent Artist: The Daniel Arthur Trio
  • Independent Artist: Piece of Mind Art Show hosted by

In addition to funding fine arts groups on campus – we host workshops throughout the year and our annual Nuit Blanche event in March showcasing the fine arts community on campus. We want this year to be collaborative, inclusive, vibrant and the best possible showcase of fine arts community at McGill yet.

If you have any questions about funding or our events please email!

For all updates and goings-on please visit our Facebook page here!