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Last year, the AUS ran a project under the VP Academic portfolio entitled “Know Your Rights.” This initiative was two-pronged: first, it involved a research project looking at the rights afforded to us as students, as outlined in the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities (often referred to as “the Green Book”). This was followed by a student survey that asked students which of these rights they were aware of, while also seeking to better inform them of existing academic policies. Approximately 200 students responded, and the results are now available here. In addition, the infographics below were included in the AUS 2014-2015 Student Handbook.

This year, I’m excited to say that the campaign will be moving to the university-wide level. A working group of student representatives from different faculties will undertake further research to clarify the procedures for addressing rights violations; create an advertising campaign to promote these channels; and develop formal policy and communications recommendations for the university. If you’d like to get involved in this important project, please email Jacob Greenspon, Arts Senator, at Stay tuned for more details!


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Infographics by Alice Feldman

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