About the AUS

The Arts Undergraduate Society (“AUS”) is the student association of all McGill students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Arts & Science (B.A. & Sc.) degree. According to our Constitution, the AUS exists to:

(1) represent all McGill students in the Faculty of Arts and to promote their welfare and interests, and

(2) provide activities and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, and social conditions of its members.

The Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill University is a student association accredited by the gouvernement du Québec (R.S.Q. Ch.A-3.01). We are independent of McGill University. Every undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts & Science degree is automatically a member of the AUS.

You can find out more about what the AUS does throughout the website, but here is an abbreviated list of the representation, events, and services that the AUS provides to its membership:


  • Representation of Arts students to SSMU (the Students’ Society of McGill University), the Faculty of Arts, the McGill administration, and the Quebec government
  • Departmental associations that represent the interests of students registered within academic programs at McGill University
  • Working relationships with the McGill University Library, the Faculty of Arts Computer Labs, and McGill Student Services
  • FEARC, an appointed committee for first-year Arts students
  • AUS Council, the legislative body of the Arts Undergraduate Society, open to all AUS members
  • A commitment to anti-oppression, nondiscrimination, and inclusivity
  • Annual executive and representative elections and biannual referenda


  • Frosh, your ultimate orientation experience!
  • OktoberhAUS, a celebration featuring beer, sausage, and pretzels.
  • Bar des Arts, with dollar beers and cheap food, every Thursday from 5-8 in the Arts Lounge
  • DepARTmental Cup, a series of competitions between the AUS’s departmental associations
  • Nuit Blanche, a showcase for fine arts groups on campus
  • Departmental Fair, a one-stop-shop for students to learn information about academic programs in the Faculty of Arts
  • Prof Talk, an informal professor talk series and interview magazine
  • Graduate and Professional Schools Fair
  • Volunteer Week, an opportunity to get involved in the Montreal community


  • The Arts Lounge (Leacock B-12), your place to relax between classes
  • An Essay Centre and support for peer tutoring networks
  • Funding of a chat line for incoming students
  • Provision of information to new students
  • Funding of publications, journals, and special projects
  • Funding for capital improvements and student employment
  • French Conversation Circles held in the Arts Lounge by the Francophone Commission
  • Support for fine arts initiatives, including Leacock’s, STEPS, the VEG, the Arts Undergraduate Theatre Society, and the Fridge Door Gallery.
  • Locker rentals for students in the Leacock basement
  • A weekly listserv advertising the goings-on on campus
  • French conversation circles every week organized by the AUS Francophone Commission

Do you have any questions about the AUS? Get in touch using our contact page.