AUS Executive and Office Hours

The seven AUS executives comprise the AUS Executive Committee and oversee the day-to-day governance and operations of the Society. Feel free to contact any of the AUS Executives if you have any questions about their portfolio or are interested in getting involved!

Ananya Nair, President


Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday, 1-2 PM

Hello, my name is Ananya! I am the AUS President for 2020-21. This year has been a year full of challenges, uncertainties and unprecedented changes. I am honored to work with a wonderful team that has taken all the challenges thrown our way with stride. This past summer we have been working towards adapting our services and operations for Fall 2020. From Arts Frosh to AUS Peer Tutoring we have found new ways to adapt and deliver them virtually. As things evolve, we hope to welcome you back on campus soon! My recommendation for an online learning hack would be to schedule digital breaks into your day and take time to unwind!

Shuchita Das, VP Communications

Shuchita Das, VP Communications


Hey y’all! What’s up! My name is Shuchita Das (pronounced Shoe Cheetah) and I am the AUS VP Comms. I handle the AUS social media and listservs. We all know communication is key so make sure to follow our social media and read the weekly listservs sent to students in the faculty of Arts through email 🙂 I also oversee the Fine Arts Council and the Francophone Commission. My online learning hack is to stay on top of all your lectures! If you missed a class, try to catch up as soon as you can. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself having to go through weeks of lectures before the exam which I do not recommend!!

Libby Williamson, VP External

VP External


Office Hours: Monday, 2-3 PM & Friday, 1-2 PM

Hi, my name is Libby Williamson and I’m the AUS VP External for 2020-21. My role includes overseeing Mental Health @ AUS, coordinating events such as Grad Fair and Work Your B.A., and creating opportunities for community engagement in the Arts Faculty. Additionally, I sit on the SSMU Legislative Council in addition to our Arts Reps to represent our faculty. My life hack to surviving university is to explore your passions and find new ways and new people to share them with. You have this time to truly find what makes you happy.

Stefan Suvajac, VP Finance


Office Hours: Monday & Thursday, 4:15-5:45 PM

Hello! My name is Stefan. I am the VP Finance for 2020-21. I oversee and manage AUS’s $1.1 million budget, yearly audit, the SNAX cafe in Leacock, oversee the Ethical Business Practices Committee, chair the Financial Management and Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund Committees. I also support other AUS portfolios in the discharge of their duties. As the pandemic runs its course throughout this unique academic year, improving the accessibility of AUS financial resources, further streamlining internal financial practices and supporting virtual/digital delivery of AUS services are exciting and important challenges. My digital learning hack: keep a detailed schedule and take regular walks throughout the day as a substitute for attending regular classes!

Joy Hannam, VP Internal

VP Internal


Office Hours: Tuesday & Thusrday, 11:30 AM – 13:20 PM

Hello, my name is Joy Hannam and I am this year’s AUS VP Internal, for 2020-2021. I am super excited to be stepping into this role, and I will be responsible for room bookings, as well as helping out departments with their logistics of events, etc. I have committees such as the AUS FEARC First-Year Events, Academic, and Representative Council who are responsible for fun engagement with first year students. As well as the AUSEC (AUS Environmental Council) who ensures sustainable events. My tip would be to start networking now! Find webinars, and events that cater to your interest and you will be able to meet fun and great people who are willing to help you carve out your career path.

Grace Jumbo, VP Social

AUS VP Social


Samad Fagbohun, VP Services

VP Services


Hey, my name is Samad! I am the VP Services for the 2020-21 Academic Year. As VP Services of AUS I  handle the coordination of the Essay Centre, Media Team and Laptop Lending Program among other things. As we all navigate the unique experiences and challenges this year will bring, my online learning hack is to listen to your bodies, take breaks when you need to, move around if you want to, just listen to yourself and do the best you can.

Catherina Musa, VP Academic

VP Academic


Hi! My name is Catherina and I am happy to be the VP Academic for 2020-2021.

Paige Collins, Arts Representative to SSMU

Arts Rep 1


Bonjour/Hi! My name is Paige Collins and I serve as an Arts Rep along with Alex and Chip. Our core mandate in this role is to represent the interests of arts students on SSMU’s legislative council. My online learning hack is to designate certain spaces and times to study, and others for fun and self care. Studying in the same room can also get monotonous, so try reading outside while the weather is still nice.

Alex Karasick, Arts Representative to SSMU

Arts Rep 2


Hello, my name is Alex Karasick, and I’m one of the three Arts Reps to the SSMU. As Arts Reps, we act as intermediaries as well as representatives, helping ensure your voices as arts students are heard at SSMU, and helping SSMU to better reach out to arts students and the AUS. My life online learning hack is to make full use of add-drop. It’s ok to switch your classes around during those first few weeks, or check out other classes you aren’t signed up for to see if you like them more!

Chip Smith, Arts Representative to SSMU

Arts Rep 3


Bonjour/Hi, everyone! My name is Chip Smith, and I’m one of your Arts Reps to SSMU, for the 2020/2021 academic year! As one of your Arts Reps, my role is to be a liaison between the AUS (and Arts students) and SSMU! Arts Reps sit on SSMU’s Legislative Council and committees, ensuring that your voices are heard by SSMU. Additionally, we help to communicate what’s happening at SSMU, to the AUS and the wider Arts community. Have a concern or something you’d like us to bring to SSMU? Reach out! We’re here to be your advocates. If I could offer one “ lifehack” for surviving online learning, it would be to make sure you spend some time away from the screen, each day! If you can find a few minutes to go for a quick walk or take a quick nap each day, your eyes will definitely appreciate it!