Involvement Restriction Policy (IRP)

What is the IRP?

An inter-faculty policy to investigate and act upon  complaints of inappropriate conduct, such as discrimination, harassment, or violence. The process is confidential, non-judgmental, and prioritizes student safety.

How to use it?

To issue a complaint, please fill out our complaint form. Complaints may be made anonymously or via proxy


The IRP applies to all members of SSMU.

Equity Committee

The AUS Equity Committee was devised in 2013 to make sure that the AUS works in an anti-oppressive manner and serves to protect marginalized peoples.

If you feel that you have witnessed or been affected by inequities within the Arts Undergraduate Society, please file an equity complaint with the AUS Equity Committee. It is our responsibility to resolve and mediate any complaints within the undergraduate society. If you would like to contact the AUS Equity Committee or Commissioners then please feel free to contact us at equity@ausmcgill.com , or fill out a form here.

If you are at all uncertain about the complaints policy, the Equity Committee or definitions of equity or anti-oppression within the AUS, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, if you would like to fight oppression and work on the AUS Equity Committee, please email us with a 1 page cover letter and your CV.

You can find the official AUS Equity Policy HERE.

You can find the first AUS Equity Report on Frosh HERE

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