Room Booking

Several AUS spaces are available for booking and use for any member or group affiliated with the Arts Undergraduate Society at McGill. The application process is simple, however, please read the following requirements before attempting to submit a room booking request:

  • You and/or your group are affiliated with AUS (SSMU clubs are not included)
  • You are part of your group’s Executive
  • Your desired booking is for a weekday (Monday to Friday)
  • You require either the Leacock Council Room, Arts Council Room or Ferrier room (Arts Lounge booking information here)
  • There is a minimum of 2 (two) weeks until your desired booking
  • If alcohol is involved, there is at least 6 (six) weeks until your desired booking, and you have/will promptly submit your liquor permit

If you or your group do not meet any of the requirements listed above, your application will automatically be deemed invalid and will not be processed.

Booking requests can only be completed on behalf of Arts Departments and other AUS groups. All external groups should contact the administration or the building director for further details on how to proceed.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the VP Internal.

Available Rooms & Features


BLDG ROOM Cap. Room Type 1 VDP 2 VDP’s VCR DVD/VCR Doc Cam Lecture Rcrdg Micro-phone Remote Sensor Cabinet/ Podium Tablet LCDs Local PC HDMI cables
ARTS 145 70 Classroom * * * * C
ARTS 150 60 Classroom * * * * C
ARTS 160 35 Faculty Meeting Room
ARTS 260 60 Classroom * * * * C
ARTS W-20 55 Classroom * * * C
ARTS W-120 108 Classroom * * * * * * P
ARTS W-215 105 Classroom * * * * * P

AUS Room Booking Form: