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Elections AUS is the impartial body that oversees the AUS Elections and Referenda. including several departmental elections. Elections AUS is composed of the Chief Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer, who report to the Office of the AUS President.

Meet your Elections AUS Officials :

Chief Returning Officer
Liam Olsen

Deputy Returning Officers
Ava Liang, Charlotte Reed

You can reach Elections AUS at

Article II of the General Electoral Bylaws – “Elections AUS”

2.1       There shall be an impartial body charged by the Society with overseeing AUS elections and referenda, hereinafter referred to as “Elections AUS”.

2.2       Elections AUS shall administer all elections and referenda as provided for in the AUS Constitution and Bylaws, as well as any election that may be assigned to them from time to time by Council.

2.3 Elections AUS shall be composed of the Chief Returning Officer and Deputy Returning
Officers. The President of the AUS shall be an advising member of Elections AUS.

2.5       The CRO shall be responsible for the general conduct and execution of elections and referenda and shall fulfill this duty with impartiality. The DROs shall assist the CRO to the extent designated by the CRO.

2.10    No officer of Elections AUS shall be a member of Council (including Speaker and Recording Secretary), candidate for an executive position, member of a candidate’s campaign committee or member of a referendum committee. No officer of Elections AUS shall be on the editorial staff of any campus publication that is published more than six (6) times a year.