The AUS Community is your one-stop shop for everything about your student community. It is 100% user-contributed, hence we’ve made it easy so that you, too, can announce opportunities, events, etc., right here on our website. Don’t forget to check your email inbox too: AUS Community is not just a classifieds website; listings submitted here can end up in our weekly newsletter (“listserv”)!

Submit a listing to the listserv

Whether you are submitting a listing to AUS Community, contributing to our weekly listserv, or adding an event to our calendar on our home page (restrictions apply), there is just one form you need to fill out. Be sure to choose where you want your listing to be posted. For listings posted to AUS Community, please note the following:

The deadline for having your listing posted in the next listserv is Thursday at 5 PM. Please be sure to read all policies regarding the AUS community below.

Community Policies
  • All listings must be activated through the activation email before they are displayed.
  • A listing will be active on AUS Community for eight days.
  • After your listing expires, you may reactivate your listing once, for another eight days. Expired listings are still searchable through the search tool.
  • Duplicate listings (multiple listings of the same content appearing simultaneously on AUS Community) are prohibited.
  • The AUS reserves the right to remove any listing.
Calendar Policies
  • All listings must be approved by the AUS before they are displayed.
  • Only the AUS, AUS committees, faculty, and departmental associations may post to the calendar.
  • Priorities and ordering of listings are determined by the AUS. Generally, AUS and AUS committees’ events are of higher priority than other events.
  • The AUS reserves the right to reject or remove your event from our calendar to make room for ones that are of higher priority.
  • If your event occurs on date(s) when there is no more room on the calendar, please contact us directly.
  • We will determine if your event is of higher priority than those already listed.

Submission Form

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