Welcome New Students!

Welcome to McGill University, the Faculty of Arts, and the Arts Undergraduate Society! Here, we’ve compiled a series of important links and resources to guide you through the beginning of your McGill experience.

Faculty of Arts New Student Guide

First-Year Handbook

This handbook is your guide to succeeding at first-year, including tips for your first few days, exciting places to go in Montreal, and secrets to succeeding in your classes.

ASAP Peer Advising Chat Line

Have any question about your degree or academic program? The AUS funds a chatline, which is administered by the Arts OASIS Arts Student Assistance Program (ASAP) peer advising program. The chatline is live from Monday to Friday, 10am until 4pm, and the ASAPs are ready to answer your questions.

Apply to Be Part of FEARC!

FEARC is the AUS’s first-year committee. Click here to apply now! If you have any questions, please contact the VP Internal using our contact form.


Important Academic Links

If you are a newly admitted freshman student, be sure to look over the U0 checklist.

If you are an U0 freshman student and want an advisor to review your freshman course selection, fill out and submit the online course approval form.

If you are an U1 freshman student coming in from CEGEP (or similar)be sure to look at this page for more information.

If you are a newly admitted student with advanced standing (coming in with AP/IB/French Baccalaureate credits) and you have questions about your credits or if you are trying to decide whether you would like to use your credits toward your degree, please find information on McGill’s new advanced standing policy here.

If you have any inquiries in regards to admissions requirements and acceptance, submitting legal documentation, using Minerva, tuition fee payments, ID cards or official transcript requests, please contact Service Point.

If you are thinking of applying for an Arts internship, please refer to the following link.

Having trouble with navigating Minerva? Here is a helpful instructional video.

If you want to know what courses fulfill academic programs, check out the Arts program calendar.

Contact the AUS Executive!

We know it can be overwhelming and confusing, so we are here to help. Feel free to contact the AUS President, the AUS VP Internal, or the AUS VP Communications if you have any questions. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we most likely know someone who will.