Academic Resources

The AUS offers the following academic resources:

Main article: AUS Essay Centre

The AUS runs an Essay Centre, which provides free essay writing assistance from qualified tutors during the Fall and Winter academic semesters. We offer structure, style, grammar and citation assistance. The Essay Centre provides editing in both English and French. Students must come ready with a printed copy of their essay. Essays cannot simply be dropped off, and essay tutors should not be expected to edit papers by email.

The Essay Centre is now closed for the semester. We are located in the JD Room in the Arts Lounge. Editing is also available by appointment by filling out the form here, after which you will receive an email from a tutor.

ASAP Peer Advising

Have a question about your degree or academic program? The AUS funds a chatline, which is administered by the Arts OASIS Arts Student Assistance Program (ASAP) peer advising program. The chatline is live from Monday to Friday, 10am until 4pm, and the ASAPs are ready to answer your questions.

Main article: Arts Student Employment Fund

The AUS collects a fee from students called the Arts Student Employment Fund, which supports academically based employment for students, such as research assistantships. For information on how the fund is used, please read through our FAQ, and if you have any more questions, contact the AUS VP Academic.

Test Prep Partnerships

We maintain sponsorship agreements with Kaplan, Princeton Review, and other test prep companies, who provide discounts to AUS members on preparatory courses for LSAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. exams. Information about obtaining discounts will be posted here shortly. Please contact the AUS VP External if you have any questions.